With 50% of mobile phone owners using there mobile as their primary Internet source, there has never been a better time to start mobile marketing.

The key to marketing is being able to adapt and now, more than ever, this is relevant. Put simply, mobile marketing is the process of marketing to people via their mobile device, and this strategy is quickly becoming a must if you want to succeed in the future.

Why mobile marketing you ask? These days you don’t need to look far to see someone with their head down focussed solely on their smartphone or tablet. Whether your customer is at home in front of the TV or out for a night on the town, this personal form of communication is a direct and effective way of creating a tailored message foryour customer anytime, anywhere.

This digital communication channel is only going to continue to grow and has already surpassed the humble PC for the number one platform on which a user browsers the internet, showing that the importance of this form of marketing is not only an effective way to expose your customer to a message but also a resourceful one.

What makes mobile marketing so effective is the fact that it allows a consumer to receive the same message via different channels and the more someone sees something the more they are going to act on it. Having a portable device which is capable of receiving instant text messages and emails, which can allow you to search the internet, download apps and make a call, means there are endless opportunities to get your message across.

The most basic of communication tools mobile marketing provides yet the most valuable is the simple text message. Text messaging is a relatively inexpensive and simple way of communicating with your customers; it provides direct information with no delays or interruptions. It also has a high exposure rate as people will almost always open or read a text message creating an instant rapport and response from your customers.

Mobile marketing also includes website optimisation, being able to make a website more attractive, streamlined and functional for your customer allows the user to find the exact information they want, by providing them with an easy to use website it means customers will be happy to use your site again.

Another way mobile marketing can assist in creating a successful strategy is by using and developing a mobile app this channel is an expanding trend that has been very popular and proficient for many businesses. Its benefit over a mobile site is in its customisation, personalisation and interactivity supplying the customer with more benefits and features then a mobile friendly site alone.

A new and impressive way to make a statement using mobile marketing is to use QR codes. Placed on advertisements, brochures, posters, clothing or even billboards once scanned these codes direct customers to your mobile website which would then contain much more information and interactivity than what can be fitted on a traditional printed page. This integration between print and web via mobile adds a new dimension of communication that not only benefits your company but also your customers.

With all these different mobile marketing options available you will be able to take advantage of the ever expanding information. Giving you business the opportunity to stimulate and increase your awareness, future marketing ideas and most importantly sales all while maintaining customer loyalty.

Whether it be a text marketing campaign, QR codes, a mobile websites or mobile apps. Opentop Marketing can give you an ever expanding opportunity to reach, interact and increase sales with new and existing customers. We can help you capitalise on this by delivering the optimal mobile marketing campaign possible for your business.