Consumers live multi platform lives and their buying behaviours reflect that same complex dynamic. It’s up to you to not only keep up and accommodate these behaviours, but also jump ahead of the game and enhance them.

Digital technologies have pervaded all segments of the consumers brand experience. They allow customers to make purchase decisions, locate retail stores and access discounts. So how can your brand translate online experiences into foot traffic? There are many different digital techniques that can achieve this and Opentop can guide you through the most successful ones.

Through strong online engagement strategies, companies are able to support and nurture their customers from visibility, through enquiry and through to sale. This process can happen in a multitude of ways. With social, mobile and online engagement being such a huge factor in societies mindset, these interactions need to also cross over into foot traffic. By bringing together instore, online and mobile strategies, you are able to offer your customer an enhanced experience, when and where they want it.

Peoples research habits are all different. While one person may research online and the then buy in store, the next person may prefer to research in store, and then purchase online! The best idea you can have is to cater for all behaviors. Incorporating strategies that will target different types of consumers, your digital marketing will both enhance digital only users experience, as well as deliver results on turning digital customers into foot traffic.

A good marketing strategy for businesses to increase footfall or retain loyal customers includes offering incentives such as discounts and vouchers online that can only be used in store. An ideal example is by rewarding your customers when they “check in” to your location on social media. It allows your page to gain traffic, the customers friends to hear about you and possibly follow the lead, and also allows you to thank your customer by engaging with you online. Everybody wins!

By leveraging data collected from your customers, you will gain the insights you need to optimise your online/offline mix. Once you know what makes your customers tick, you’ll be able to put the right approach for them, whether that’s online or offline. Encouraging your consumers to go offline by providing engagement online is the quest for the ultimate balance of digital and physical marketing.

When your customers are engaged with you both on and offline, they are less likely to be distracted from other offers or competitors. Identifying the key influences for the customer experience and understanding the key components that go into a customers perfect journey will help you engage your potential and existing customers throughout their experience – from when they sign up for their newsletters to the moment they are asked to evaluate their experience after the transaction.

Ultimately digital channels have to be convenient, entertaining or preferably a combination of the two. This will allow an easy transition between online and offline customer experiences. Online engagement should drive real offline action, and works best when it does.