Everybody loves to win! Your business wants to win new customers and keep existing ones engaged with your brand. Running competitions are essential for a successful marketing campaign.

People love to hear recommendations from trusted sources such as friends and family and when competitions are skilfully orchestrated, everyone wins.

A competition can be a fun, flexible and hugely effective marketing tool, engaging your customers in new and exciting ways and deepening your relationship with them. Think about how many competitions you see in any given day. That’s how popular they are as a tool. Think about how many of those really make you engage. A competition has to be tailored to your specific audience, their habits, needs and wants. In the wrong hands, competitions can discourage customers and can actually hurt your brand. But with the right strategy a company can benefit greatly, as can its customers. Many companies fail to capitalise on the competitions they hold. With planning and implementation, everyone’s a winner.

As a retailer, you need to be where your customers are. We can help your business engage with your customers over the appropriate medium for your customer. By properly utilising competition techniques, you can build stronger relationships with your clients as well as collect useful information about your market. Just take care to ensure that the medium and the message is right for you. Too many channels and an overly complex competition can overwhelm a business, negating the effectiveness of the campaign.

Devising the right competition for your brand and your target audience is a must. This may sound obvious but a competition should ideally fit into your overall marketing strategy and reach the right people. By complementing your overall strategy, such as using the launch of a new product, you can maximise the results. The data collected can also be invaluable in shaping how you communicate your overall message.

Taking into account your consumer base, you can engage with them where they are and tailor a competition that hooks them in and encourages ongoing engagement and word of mouth. Accordingly, prizes need to bring the kind of entrant you need to bring to your brand, and play an intrinsic role in the competition. By properly understanding your consumer, and the consumer you hope to attract, you can achieve a deeper, more rewarding relationship with them.

The big prize for your company lies after the competition, but only if the data you have gathered is properly collected and then properly analysed. This could be the answers to competition questions or user generated content. Either way, this period is a vital window of opportunity to gain valuable connections and feedback so that you can learn more about your customer. By taking advantage of the data wisely you can then stimulate further opportunities for your brand.

With thoughtful analysis in place, your new customer data can now help develop your brand and its relationship with its fans, stimulating ongoing engagement and loyalty. This new information also helps you to shape your next marketing push.

From raising awareness to driving sales, Opentop can help you achieve your marketing goals with fun competitions that, importantly, follow the rules of each state, where applicable. Don’t play the lottery with the value of your brand or the time and patience of your customers. We create competitions where everyone can be a winner.